My (Cooking) Bucket List

Everyone has those things that they want to do before they no longer have the chance. Yes, I dream of traveling to far off lands and learning new skills, but my most interesting bucket list revolves around the kitchen. I have compiled a list of my "to-make" recipes (as of July 2012). Follow me here to watch me check them off one by one (and I'm sure I'll add some more as I go along).

Julie's Cooking Bucket List

3. Bagels
5. Homemade crackers
6. Tiramisu
7. Creme brulee
10. Sushi
12. English muffins (English muffin bread)
13. Ice cream
14. Graham crackers
15. Marshmallows
16. Lobster
17. Beef bourguignon (preferably Julia Child's version)
18. Crab cakes
19. Frozen yogurt
20. Cinnamon rolls (with and without yeast)
21. Pull apart bread
22. Icebox cake
23. Truffles
24. Crab rangoons
25. Woopie pies (kind of)
26. Clam chowder
27. Yogurt
28. Biscotti
29. Scones
30. Hot dog buns
31. Empanadas
32. Crab Bisque

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