Thursday, June 14, 2012

Super Simple Frozen Yogurt Treat

Some days you just need something sweet. Maybe the weather is warm outside and you are craving ice cream to cool you down. Maybe you’re one of those people that buys a bag of Twizzler’s bites at the grocery store because it is on sale and then proceeds to eat the entire bag yourself within two days. Maybe a steaming cup of hot cocoa is what satisfies your sweet tooth. Or a gooey, straight from the oven, burning the roof of your mouth chocolate chip cookie is more your style. Whatever your sugar (or sugar substitute) of choice is, you cannot deny that we all need a dessert now and again.

I’ve told you before that I don’t make desserts that often. Most of the time, I need a special occasion (and people to share the dessert with). You may not guess this if you glanced at my Pinterest board that is full of sweet and decadent desserts. I’m just saving those up for later… let me know if you have a special birthday request. ;) Actually, I really like desserts but I avoid them because since I have no self-control I have trouble eating only a handful of Reese’s pieces or one cookie or really doing any of it in moderation. Especially when there is no one looking at me and judging my second piece of cheesecake. My body is thankful, I have the restraint to at least avoid keeping lots of goodies in the apartment.

However, as I mentioned above, we all need a little sweet something from time to time. My new “favorite”, super easy, super adaptable dessert is homemade frozen yogurt. I got this idea from my parents; so, thanks, Mom and Dad!

There really isn’t a recipe. All you do is take an individual pot of yogurt (whatever kind you want) and mix it with a cup of cool whip (can be regular, lite or fat free). Then you scoop the mixture into a muffin tin containing a cookie crust. For the cookie crust, the easiest is to grind up your cookie (I like graham crackers) and mix with a little bit of melted butter. Then press into muffin liners in the muffin tin. Once you’ve added your yogurt mixture, you just pop them in the freezer. Should be ready to go within a few hours or at least by the next day. I’ve found that one pot will make about 6-8 regular muffin sized treats. However, I’ve also made them in mini-muffin tins as well and those are adorable and bit sized. Or if you want, you can buy the premade individual graham cracker pie crusts and load those up with the filling. Or if you are making it for a crowd, go ahead and do a full pie. I would guess you would need two pots of yogurt and two cups of cool whip. But really, just play around with it.

Next time, I’m making an oreo crust. I betcha that would be great.

Also, in case you were wondering, what is my sweet of choice? Just like with all food, I don’t have one. I may or may not have done each of those things I listed above. :)

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