Friday, March 1, 2013

Kale Strawberry Smoothie

Let's talk crazy college traditions.

At Hope College we had the Pull, a giant tug-o-war competition, and Nykerk, a singing/acting/speaking competition. At Duke University, we had graduate student campout weekend and everything that revolves around being Cameron Crazies. At the University of Illinois, they have this thing called Unofficial. Apparently it was a tradition started in the mid 90s so that the students could celebrate St Patty's day early because the actual holiday fell on spring break. From my understanding, it is an excuse to dress in green, drink green beer and party like, well, college students. As a person outside of the student life on campus, I had no idea that Unofficial was today. So imagine my surprise when my boss's office assistant asks if I'm wearing my green shirt in honor of Unofficial. Oh boy. Nope, I just picked out this shirt this morning without any thought. So I spent the rest of the day just trying to hide my shirt from everyone and waiting to get home to the safety of my apartment before campus got to crazy tonight. It's funny how the further you are removed from the ungraduate students, the less appealing these traditions seem.

Did you participate in any crazy college events?

In honor of those UIUC students celebrating Unofficial today, I bring you this green smoothie. Not quite green beer but certainly a lot healthier for you-- chalked full of nutrients from fruit, yogurt and kale! I think kale green smoothies taste more "green" than spinach ones, so feel free to sub in a handful or two if you don't want a kale taste.

Kale Strawberry Smoothie
10 strawberries, washed and halved
1/2 frozen banana
6 oz vanilla yogurt
5 pieces of kale, washed and thick stems removed
splash of fruit juice (as needed)

Place the strawberries, banana, yogurt and kale in a blender. Pulse on high until smooth. If you are having trouble getting it smooth, add a splash of fruit juice (any kind you would like) and pulse again. Use the juice to thin the smoothie to the consistency you desire.

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